Gospel Mission Temple
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Gospel Mission Temple Obadiah and Julia McInnis
School of Ministries



The Obadiah and Julia McInnis School of Ministries was founded in early 1998. It truly is a manifestation of one of the visions that God has given Pastor, Bishop Dr. Jimmie R. Horton for the church. It provides a sound basis for the School of Ministries and supports its vision of  Gaining, Nurturing, Maintaining and Reclaiming souls for Christ.


One of the largest growing ministries within the church is the Youth Ministry, which focuses on our youth as the church of today.


Other active ministries include:

Addiction Prevention Ministry

 Inspirational Music Ministry

 Altar and Discipleship Ministry

 Intercessory Prayer Ministry

 Audio/Visual Media Ministry

 Leadership Growth and Development

 Baptism Ministry

 Marriage and Family Counseling

 Bereavement Care Ministry

 Ministers and Deacons Wives Ministry

 Brotherhood Ministry

 Out Reach News Ministry

 Building Fund & Land Development  Outreach Tract Ministry

 Calendar of Events Ministry

 Parental Support Ministry

 Campus Beautification Ministry

 Pastoral Assistance Ministry

 Children & Youth Church Ministry

 Pastoral Care Ministry

 Convalescent Care Ministry

 Prison Rehabilitation Ministry

 Culinary Service Ministry

 Provisions for Community Needs

 Domestic Assistance Ministry

 Public Relations Ministry

 Drama & Fine Arts Ministry

 Senior Care Ministry

 Early Childhood Education Ministry

 Soul Saving Assessment Ministry

 Educational Tutoring Ministry

 Soul Winners Ministry

 Financial Management Ministry

 Special Community Events Ministry

 Food Pantry Ministry  Sunday School Ministry

 Foster Care Ministry

 Temple Prayer Ministry

 Full Gospel Stewardship Ministry                     The Christian Academy Ministry          
 Global Outreach Ministry         

 Upper Room Ministry

 GMT Ministerial Institute

 Visitor Correspondence Ministry

 Gospel Mission Temple Orchestra         

 Wellness Support Ministry

 Gospel Press and Publishing Ministry

 Witness Within Walls

 Healing For the Hurting Ministry

 Witness Without Walls

 Health & Fitness Ministry

 Women of Virtue Ministry

 Holistic Counseling Ministry

 Youth Activities Ministry

 Holistically Free Ministry

 Young Godly Women’s Ministry

 Hospitality, Greeting, & Usher

 Young Men of Valor Ministry

 Human Resources Ministry

 Youth Mentoring Ministry

 Information Technology Ministry

 Youth Outreach Ministry

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